Most readers of my blog are sure to enjoy coffee. Many of you are wondering whether it is beneficial to your health or vice versa. Among the circulating opinions are those that have scientific justification as well as those that can be put on a shelf with fantasy. I decided to analyze the available materials and present you with a comprehensive development of the state of scientific knowledge about the influence of coffee on the body.

  • Coffee stimulates and improves mood.

True, coffee stimulates the mind and improves well-being. If anyone thinks that without morning coffee can not smile, there is a grain of truth in it. The alkaloid, which is caffeine, acts on the nervous system and accelerates thought processes. The organism absorbs it a dozen minutes after drinking, and the strongest activity is 3-4 hours later. To maintain the state of such a stimulation enough to drink 2-3 coffee a day. Her overdose may have the opposite effect: instead of being aroused, you may feel unable to concentrate and „chase thoughts”.

  • Physical fitness.

The caffeine contained in coffee also makes it easier to remove long-term effort. The driver, who has to drive cars and sportsmen for many hours, knows that. Research on cyclists has shown that after taking caffeine, their ability for long-term exercise has increased by 20%. Athletes often take caffeine in capsules, which are quickly absorbed by the body, but this one contained in coffee will also work well.

  • Improve blood supply.

Coffee affects the dilatation of the heart arteries and increases blood flow and therefore the blood supply to the entire body. Interestingly, arteries in the head are narrowed, which has the effect of reducing migraine pain. Not without reason many popular headache medications have a caffeine in their composition.

  • Deep breath.

The caffeine contained in coffee not only expands the arteries, but also the bronchi, thus facilitating breathing. This property was already known in the nineteenth century when coffee was also used as a remedy for dyspnoea. Studies in Italy have shown that for people who suffer from dyspnoea, drinking 1 cup a day reduces their intensity and frequency by 5%, and by 2 cups by as much as 23%.

  • A healthier heart.

The prevailing opinion is that people with heart problems should not drink coffee. Recent research at the University of Edinburgh, however, contradicts this theory. For over 10 years, more than 11,000 patients aged 40-60 have been examined and regular coffee drinking has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease.

  • Lesser risk of cancer.

Circulating opinions also in this case say that coffee can cause cancer, especially the pancreas and bladder. Large-scale studies conducted in the USA, Japan and Norway have not proven this theory. Some studies have shown that regular coffee drinking can reduce the risk of some cancers. There is, for example, a lower incidence of colorectal cancer, especially in those who eat fatty foods. This is probably due to the polyphenols contained in coffee, which in this case can prevent the formation of cancer cells.

  • Lower risk of diabetes.

Recent research, conducted in the Netherlands on a group of 17,000 people, has shown that regular consumption of coffee reduces the risk of diabetes. Coffee has a positive effect on the conversion of sugars, and the chlorogenic acid contained in it causes glucose uptake by the liver.

  • Helps the stones.

Studies conducted in the US on a group of 81,000 women have shown that drinking coffee reduces the risk of kidney stones by about 10%. For men, other studies at Harvard University have shown a lower risk of gallstones.

  • It is a great antioxidant.

Many caffeinated caffeinated beverages contribute to the positive effects of caffeine, but not just the health benefits of coffee. It also contains antioxidants that kill free radicals, thereby limiting the development of many diseases and delaying the aging of the body.

  • Slimming.

Much has already been written about the effect of green coffee on slimming. Sam has already written about it on the blog, where I showed that more is in this wishful thinking than the actual effects. As for roasted coffee, her drinking has some effect on slimming. Coffee accelerates some of the metabolism. Caffeine is a component of the so-called. „Thermogenics,” or diet supplements, whose task is to slightly raise body temperature, resulting in increased energy expenditure, that is, higher consumption of calories.

  • Is there something wrong with her??

I mentioned the positive effects of drinking coffee, and are there any negative? If you drink up to 4 cups / day, you do not have to worry about anything – the quantities are all right. You should only take care of the increase in your diet of magnesium, zinc and iron, as well as some vitamins, because the coffee is rinsed. The great source of the former are nuts (of all kinds) or bitter chocolate. You can also support the mineral-vitamin preparation.

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